Gospel Hall FAQ

What is a Gospel Hall?

Gospel Hall the name of the building where Christians meet to “gather to the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Matthew 18:20).  The churches who meet in Gospel Halls are sometimes referred to as Plymouth Brethren churches.

For simplicity sake, http://www.gospelhall.org/ is much easier to remember than http://www.christiansgatheredtothenameofourlordjesuschrist.org/ 

Where can I find a Gospel Hall?

You can look at the section called Assembly Directory on this site. 

Why the name Gospel Hall?

The word “Hall” is a general name for a public building.  Since the Gospel is preached regularly in a Gospel Hall, the name is appropriate for its use.  To distinguish the church (group of people) from the building, the name is distinguished.  Some assemblies choose to name their building a “Gospel Chapel” or use the name of the town or street such as “Smithville Hall”.  Gospel Hall is a common name used in many English speaking North American assemblies.

Are you associated with the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall?

Absolutely Not.  Unlike a Kingdom Hall, the teachings at the Gospel Hall are based on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, apart from good works or membership in any organization.

What are the beliefs at the Gospel Hall?

God's Word is the foundation on which a healthy church is built. Our mission is b