Free Tabernacle Model from the Old Testament

3D printable model of the Old Testament Tabernacle that Moses received at Mt. Sinai.  This Sunday school activity can be done in about an hour.  The tabernacle model is a scale replica of Moses' tabernacle.

Click here for the Tabernacle Model.  Requires Acrobat reader.

Also included in this link are lesson plans for the wilderness journeys including Moses' plans to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness.  Materials required include heavy paper, scissors, color printer. 

Students will gain an appreciation for the golden furniture, candlestick, altar of incense, brazen altar and the veils of covering that were part of the tabernacle's design.  Instead of simply reading the instructions from the book of Exodus, the printable model gives a students a hands-on activity for building their own take-home project.